5 Things about Flatbed Trucking You Might Not Know

Upon graduating from CDL school, new truck drivers have quite a few choices for pursuing their careers. Some will move right into dry goods vans; others will concentrate on temperature-controlled trucking or hauling petroleum products; still others will choose to go the flatbed route. Unfortunately, many new drivers avoid flatbeds because they misunderstand what flatbed trucking is all about.

The primary difference between flatbed driving and hauling dry vans and reefer trailers are the trailers themselves. A flatbed is obviously not a self-contained trailer with four walls and a roof. That means flatbed drivers have some extra cargo control concerns …

Carriers Must Be More Competitive to Stop Turnover

If a truck driver shortage numbering in the tens of thousands were not bad enough, America’s motor carriers are also having a challenging time keeping current drivers on the payroll. Driver turnover was up sharply in the second quarter of 2017 after lower turnover in the previous quarter.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) says that the majority of second-quarter turnover is not the result of drivers leaving the industry. Rather, it is drivers leaving one company to go work for another. Turnover is a symptom of carriers offering things like signing bonuses and new equipment to encourage the best drivers …

The Advantages of Rear Wheel Drive

Back wheel drive (also called to as RWD) has benefits that are many your vehicle. The rear tires have actually the work of moving the vehicle. Which means the engine is turning the pistons to allow the wheels that are back push the automobile forwards or backwards. The wheels that are front purely for steering the automobile in this situation.

RWD permits complete balance through the entire vehicle. The engine is within the front side whilst the rest of the drive elements and mechanisms are in the rear. This enables the driver to really have the power to handle the …

Recycling Glass From Cars

What now ? in the event that windshield of one’s vehicle is damaged? There is absolutely no other choice but to displace it. But did you know the windshield that is broken be recycled? Yes! It is possible to recycle windshield of vehicles and create numerous of good use items from it.

Wondering exactly what items? If you look around, you will realize that you’re surrounded by several types of cup services and products. Though it is delicate, services and products made of glass add a touch of course. In reality, glass is changing lumber in numerous applications.

Why recycle …

Vehicle Wraps – A Magical Transformation

Vehicle wraps are these magical inventions that will generate a revolutionary improvement in the look of your automobiles and garner a lot of attention in public places for better or worse.

These are nothing but large sheets of printed vinyl which are utilized to pay for cars and present a total different check out it.

Be it giving your car or truck a poster covering or color that is solid or utilizing an organization logo design, there are numerous organizations that have some in home design groups which make these from scratch to your preferred requirements.

Having a complete makeover …

Everything You Need to Know About a Jeep JK

If you should be enthusiastic about Jeeps love reading up about them, you may have frequently wondered what ‘JK’ stands for. To put it simply, JK is a code that internationally brand that is famous utilizes to recognize some of its cars.

Why the Code ‘JK’?

The code ‘JK’ will not be simply assigned by Jeep without the type or form of idea. Jeep has been producing the greatest off-roading vehicles for a time that is long, and their huge selection of automobiles are not designed all the same. The code ‘JK’ was assigned to all the vehicles that were …

MotoMint – Automobile and Car Videos Application


MotoMint is a credit card applicatoin focusing on the auto industry. It basically fetches vehicle and automobile videos from throughout the globe through the medium of internet. The application form also appears out for the regular updates from different automobile manufacturers and provides the information and knowledge about them to the users within shorter period of time. It sees the most recent news that is automotive videos, brand new and old automobile reviews and even more through the Internet and presents them entirely on the unit for the consumer’s perusal. He can download this application from the Bing stores …

Want To Buy A Car? Read These Tips

The thought of purchasing a new car can be exciting and stressful. The greatest way to get a good deal on a vehicle is to figure out what works best for those that you’re driving around. Researching is key if you want to get the best out of your search. Continue perusing the piece that follows and you will get some useful insight about making a great choice.

Before you leave to shop for a car, it is essential to understand your true needs. How much do you have to spend? What is the passenger capacity you will need? You …

Services Provided By The Roadside Assistance

If you are going on a longer trip it is always good to know that you have the Roadside Assistance services included in your car insurance policy. In addition, for those of you who need to purchase high quality car batteries, you can try the top rated car batteries in Melbourne, Sydney at Roadside Response!

However, it Is not only important that you know that you have the privileges for those services, it is also very important that you what to expect. While Roadside Assistance service may differ from one provider to the other, there are some services that …

Quick, Easy And Cheap Auto Repair Advice

Owning a car is quite a freedom. You can get wherever you would like to be at anytime you want. Owning a car can also be a burden, too. Your vehicle can leave you stranded at the most inopportune time by breaking down. The tips in this article are going to help you to get your car back into great shape.

Ensure the mechanic you use has an ASE certification before allowing them to operate on your vehicle. Being A.S.E. certified ensures you that your mechanic has proper training and experience. This is one good way to separate the wheat …